Furniture & Clocks, Professionally Made in Buckinghamshire

I love making furniture and clocks out of wood – this is my profession – I’ve been working like this for some years.

I work using mainly hand tools – the only time I might use powered tool is to do some jointing or some larger preliminary scale cutting.

All planing is done by hand – even my wood turning lathe is a traditional foot operated ‘pole lathe’ – no electricity used to power it.

I use only solid wood – hardwoods (oak, ash, walnut, cherry, beech etc.) and pine.  The only time a manufactured board is used is occasionally for a drawer bottom or back of unit – the rest is simple solid timber.

It takes me from a machine operator into a skilled craftsman working with care on your purchase.

Previously, I worked in the Business / Music industry, for myself, and have a strong business background.

I live and work in Chesham, Buckinghamshire and work for myself without employes, and thoroughly enjoy what I do.

I was born in Leicestershire in 1973 and am happily married with 2 young children.