David Rodgers, Furniture Maker

I am a 41 year old furniture maker, based in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, who works for himself, without employes.  I work using mainly hand tools such as hand saws, hand planes etc. – whilst I have a few joint making hand held power tools, I don’t own or use any other powered tools.

** Please bear with me whilst I update my new website – there are some incomplete sections which, when I have time, will be updated! **

I can make a variety of free standing items such as cabinets, shelves etc. up to a certain size, with a variety of hand applied finishes such as wax, lacquer, oils and some paints.  I can stain pine too, to give greater variety of choices.

I work in solid soft and hard woods only – e.g. solid pine, oak, ash, walnut etc.  I don’t use man made boards such as chipboard etc., except for drawer bottoms (I use stronger plywood) and sometimes at the back of cabinets (ply or hardboard), when discussed before hand.

I use good quality hardware such as Blum hinges.