Living with food intolerances inc. gluten

I have a number of food intolerances, the most serious of which is gluten, but oats equal problem, anything acidic, diary less so, but still very restricted.

I have to be sure that no gluten, not even a bread crumb enters my gut.  Even making bread in bread machine after washing when made normal bread seems to cause on a problem.

I have my own jam and butter pots with white labels so no one else uses them – i don’t want contamination from other knifes.

Particularly interesting with a 3 year old but we have a very good relationship so it isn’t such a problem.


I can’t eat most processed food from super market, and no breakfast cereals – another post will answer that question on what i do in morning!

Life is hard, but it is what you can eat, not what you can’t eat, there are many things i can.

Over time i will blog more about this.

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