Music Introduction

I love 2 types of music – in this order:

Classic Music – mainly choral works  Being a church choir chorister in the 1980s gave me a love for choral works – religious and secular which has not gone away.  At the age of now 40, each week for the past 14 years I have listened to Radio 3’s ‘Choral Evensong’.

Whilst there are many I love, ones I keep coming back to are things such as Haydn’s Creation, Great Organ Mass, Bach’s Mass in B Minor, Faure’s Requiem, as well as earlier works such as Purcell, Tallis, Dunstable etc.

I love listening to Radio 3’s ‘Early Music Show’ on iplayer each week.

There are other classical works I love too, such as Elgar’s Enigma Variations (or, ‘Less is more’!).

Radio wise, you can probably tell that I mainly listen to Radio 3 when working.

Jazz, Soul Music – many types, early to late BeBop etc.  I should point out that I used to be a semi professional Sax player (tenor and soprano).

So much more I could say … music is a passion I have!

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