Blog to CyberSpace; Blog to CyberSpace

Over the past few months I have been researching and exploring blogs, by using my previous experience with writing blogging software / writing my own blogs, looking online for where things are now, and subscribing to other people’s interesting blogs etc.

I’ve wanted one for a while to get out of the rut of a time consuming website maintenance, which yields less than the input required to maintain it, in time I hope this blog will replace my other websites.

It will contain information about the various things I make, and some information about myself, the problems I have with Gluten / Diary, and a little on being a parent to an under 1 and just over 3 year old.

I’m starting my blog now – timing it to coincide with Bucks Open Studios, although it isn’t just a Open Studios blog, it has been suggested that they would be great ways of communicating with visitors in the months leading up to it.

So here it is – it isn’t ‘finished’ yet – I’ve various things I want to do – but as with all things, you have to draw a line somewhere, stop fiddling, and go with it.   I’ve put some content in, some work, some don’t as much, but, if you don’t try, you don’t find out.

I’m also experimenting with sharing it on social media automatically (something I haven’t done before) – will it work – I don’t know – will there be too many messages – what will they look like – I don’t know.  But if I try it out, I will find out.

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