The Box Monster!

Sam McBratney wrote some wonderful childrens books, each covering one of the 4 seasons, and in each the rabbits do something season related.  Our children really enjoy them – and keep asking for them – and they are beautifully illustrated in water-colour by Anita Jeram (and this time I don’t think it is computer created, but real brush and paints).

My son’s favourite is Autumn, where a box blows around, which becomes ‘the box monster’ in a game, it is great fun.

I say all this, because some new stronger delivery boxes arrived with me this last week, as the delivery companies have been destructive testing them to see how far they can break them – including it seems, dropping them from the 3rd floor of their office (for legal reasons I should state this is tongue in cheek and not a reflection on their service!).  Unfortunately, in the testing, the contents of the boxes were trashed, more than once.

So, to combat this monster, I will use these newer boxes for items that need them!

And the reference to the book is simply due to the fact that an article about getting some new boxes would be a little boring, to say the least!

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