Finishes & Colours

The finish selected and applied to wooden furniture is critical to the ‘success’ of the piece. A well made piece of furniture with a poorly chosen or applied finish will spoil it.

Selecting and Applying the Finish
I believe there are two steps to create the finish: selecting the right finish, and applying it well. I can help you select a finish, then I apply the finish entirely by hand – I don’t use machines or spraying.

I apply finishes by firstly ensuring a good base on the timber with either hand planing or hand sanding to a fine level (no machine planers or sanders) – a good finish needs a good base.  Then I apply the finish using just the professional hand applied methods such as cloths, foam brushes etc. – no machines are used at all in this process.

Range of Finishes Offered

I offer a good range of finishes from the large number of finishes commercially available. It wouldn’t be possible for me to offer them all, so I specialise in some. For example, I don’t offer spray painting because of the setup required.

I can offer the following:

Waxes: More traditional, easier & cheaper to apply. Less resistant to wear / water. Suitable for Pine and some Hardwoods. Colours offered for pine and on some oak/ash – e.g. oak colour. I use Liberon Wax usually, a professional range of finishes.

Danish Oil: More traditional, brings out the natural grain and colour of some hardwoods well. More resistant to wear / water, but not as much as Lacquers (see below). For hardwoods only really. I use Liberon Danish Oil usually, a professional range of finishes. Non gloss finish.

Wood Stains: Mainly used on pine, a variety of colours available – both in hardwood look-a-like (e.g. Oak, Mahogany), and solid colours such as Black. Can either have a Wax or Clear French Polish finish on top to protect. Requires a number of coats, so higher cost.

French Polish: I can apply this to various projects, where suitable, in clear, Antique and Black colours.

Paint: Sometimes I can offer a painted finish using good quality paints such as (but not limited to) Farrow and Ball, applied by hand using paint brushes – I do not offer a sprayed finish, so it will not have the ‘flat’ finish that some commercially painted furniture has.

Kitchen and Bathroom Varnish: Liberon produce a varnish which they claim is suitable Kitchen and Bathrooms – areas of higher water content. I have it on our son’s bedroom window base which gets wet in winter, and it seems to work well. This is the only type of varnish that I will normally use.

French Polishing in Buckinghamshire

French Polishing in Buckinghamshire

Whilst I am primarily a furniture maker, who uses French Polish as a finish on his hand made items, I can also offer a French Polishing service on certain items. If you are looking for a french polishing within Buckinghamshire, or the Chilterns, then...