TV Risers, Covers and Platforms

I specialise in making many types of TV Risers / Covers / Platforms, in many sizes and finishes – all of which can be bought on line using PayPal, or I can provide a bespoke quote with various payment options.

These cover various different types of usage, from covering up your DVD player in an attractive wooden box, or using a wooden stand to place your TV on, with optionally storage below for your DVD player, XBox, Sound Bar etc.  My customers use these stands for many uses!

My stands can different levels of weight.  The cheaper stands are for lighter weight usage, the smaller sizes of my more expensive stands can with stand a 60kg person standing on them, so there should be types for most uses.

As I am both the designer and maker of these stands, if you have any questions, then I am happy to help.  Also, if you don’t quite see what you are looking for, do contact me, as it might be I can still make it!